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Looking forward to news nerd events of 2021

Happy Sunday, hacks and hackers! Now that we are fully in to 2021, we are looking ahead to events like NICAR, MozFest and the Computation + Journalism Symposium. twttr.widgets.createTweet( '1354764912988286980', document.getElementById('tweet-container-1354764912988286980'), ); So far, all events have been scheduled online. If you know of any events your fellow hacks and hackers would appreciate, please let us know. Worth a read: The charts, graphs and other ways of quantifying grief may lead to a lack of connection to what those numbers represent, so visualizing the impact of the pandemic in an empathetic way could help us from becoming too disconnected.

Journalism jobs around the world

Good news, hacks and hackers! There has been a burst of new journalism jobs in the last few weeks, and we have you covered. twttr.widgets.createTweet( '1348679072931487747', document.getElementById('tweet-container-1348679072931487747'), ); Check out the Job Postings section of this newsletter, where we share new positions every week. The week ahead: Dar es Salaam is talking about the importance of mobile journalism Kampala is learning how to clean data with OpenRefine Nigeria is exploring how technology affects workflow Worth a read:

Mariano Blejman joins the Hacks/Hackers board

We have news, hacks and hackers! Mariano Blejman is joining the Hacks/Hackers Board of Directors. twttr.widgets.createTweet( '1349757637148241931', document.getElementById('tweet-container-1349757637148241931'), ); You may be familiar with Mariano as the founder of Hacks/Hackers Buenos Aires, the largest H/H group in the world. He also started the HHBA Media Party, a conference that draws thousands of attendees every year. You can learn more about the board on our website, and please remember to join us at our monthly planning calls.

Introducing Hacks/Hackers Shanghai

Hi, hacks and hackers! Let’s welcome our newest journalism and tech friends Hacks/Hackers Shanghai! twttr.widgets.createTweet( '1348083328017174528', document.getElementById('tweet-container-1348083328017174528'), ); Their first event is on COVID-19 data. Feel free to join them on Meetup or RSVP if you are in Shanghai. Worth a read: Volt Data Lab, a Brazilian data journalism agency, created a news app called Science Pulse that curates social media posts from credible scientific orgs and institutions in English, Spanish and Portugese.

Welcome to 2021

Welcome to the new year, hacks and hackers! If you were busy celebrating last week, we shared a list of some of the best roundups from 2020. twttr.widgets.createTweet( '1345042605122473984', document.getElementById('tweet-container-1345042605122473984'), ); Worth a read: Researchers from the Reuters Institute published a list of 20 findings from news-related studies this past year that will be relevant going into the new year A Towards Data Science blogpost goes over how a data scientist used open source NLP techniques to gather and analyze over 50,000 recent tweets about 2020, and found that most tweets seemed to reflect positively on the year Data viz professionals at the S-H-O-W conference talked about how they balance design rules with creativity when creating data visualizations twttr.

The best roundups of 2020

We’re here, hacks and hackers! The last post of 2020. twttr.widgets.createTweet( '1341492960714780674', document.getElementById('tweet-container-1341492960714780674'), ); This week, we’ll be sharing some of the best roundups of journalism and tech from around the information space. Worth a read: OpenNews wrote a list of the things they accomplished this year, including SRCCON:❤️ and a Covid community care package NiemanLab’s Predictions for 2021 are up, and you can take a look at how the 2020 predictions turned out in a very unusual year GIJN produces a list of the best data journalism every week, but this week they made a list of the best of 2020 twttr.

A new alliance for the future of news

Hello, hacks and hackers! The News Product Alliance, in conjunction with OpenNews, has announced a new event for the intersection of product thinkers and news producers. twttr.widgets.createTweet( '1339239218925744129', document.getElementById('tweet-container-1339239218925744129'), ); The inaugural News Product Alliance Summit will take place online next March, after NICAR, the Knight Media Forum and MozFest. Worth a read: The NewsQ Initiative brought together journalists, media scholars and platform technologists on panels to discuss the algorithmic processes that decide which news articles to prioritize online.

Catch up with your fellow news nerds

Hello, hacks and hackers! And congratulations to Hacks/Hackers Taipei, who are celebrating their fourth anniversary this month! They’re hosting a party next week showcasing cool projects from their members and friends. twttr.widgets.createTweet( '1336869848865894401', document.getElementById('tweet-container-1336869848865894401'), ); If you’d like to join in on the fun, the event will be livestreamed. Follow H/H Taipei on Twitter for the link. The week ahead: Taipei is marking four years Worth a read:

Preparing for the end of 2020

The year is almost coming to a close, hacks and hackers! It’s time to read up on the best of the year and maybe submit your own. twttr.widgets.createTweet( '1333414788144226310', document.getElementById('tweet-container-1333414788144226310'), ); Worth a read: This blogpost from The COVID Tracking Project goes over reasons why test, case and death data may fluctuate as we enter the holiday season This year has spotlighted the lack of diversity in U.

Innovation and changes due to Covid

Hello, hacks and hackers! Applications for the Nieman-Berkman Klein Fellowship in Journalism Innovation close on Tuesday. twttr.widgets.createTweet( '1321442438293164032', document.getElementById('tweet-container-1321442438293164032'), ); Fellows are expected to develop a new tool, research a monetization trend, or any number of forward-facing projects that would benefit journalism. Happening this week: London is hosting a talk on journalism and parenting Worth a read: Covid may have made newsrooms more efficient, but less creative, according to a survey of newsroom leaders around the world, according to a new report by the Reuters Institute Diversity in newsrooms doesn’t just improve coverage and the work environment; researchers have found that it improves business models due to factors like investments and page views Being able to design and create your own graphics makes you a better reporter, data journalist leader Alberto Cairo wrote.