MisinfoCon coming back in 2019

Jul 14, 2019

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Greetings, hacks and hackers! MozFest is still accepting proposals for sessions at the open web festival, so get your pitches in.

And check out the wide array of Hacks/Hackers-type events all over the world at the bottom of this newsletter.

Happening this week:

Worth a read:

  • NiemanReports talked to newsroom leaders around the globe to compile a guide on how to build and work with interdisciplinary teams in news (NiemanReports)
  • Google Design published a list of six principles that guide them when creating data visualizations, along with a full list of their guidelines (Medium)
  • Jay Alammar, a blogger who specializes in visualizing machine learning concepts, wrote a visual introduction to data representation and the Python library NumPy (Jay Alammar)

Upcoming events:

Month Day City Country Event
July 19-21 Toronto Canada International Conference on Social Media & Society
August 6-10 Accra Ghana PyCon Africa
September 12-14 New Orleans US Online News Association Conference
September 26-27 Copenhagen Denmark News Impact Academy: Newsroom Leadership
September 26-29 Hamburg Germany Global Investigative Journalism Conference
October 4 Cambridge US Workshop on Disinformation at Harvard
October 4-5 London UK Conference for Truth and Trust Online
October 7 Birmingham UK News Impact Summit: A New Era for Climate Change Reporting
October 21-22 Bucharest Romania News Impact Academy: What Analytics Matter in 2019
October 21-27 London UK MozFest
October 23-25 Munich Germany Medientage Munchen
October 28-30 Johannesburg South Africa African Investigative Journalism Conference
November 15 Lyon France News Impact Summit: Covering Politics in the Misinformation Age
December 6 Munich Germany News Impact Summit: Identity and Inclusion in Local News

Job openings:

Location Employer Opening
Anywhere Muck Rack SSoftware Engineer
Anywhere Splice Media Editor
US 18F Content Strategist
US ABC Data Journalism Lead
US Bethesda Magazine Web Producer
US Broadsheet Design Lead
US CUNY Graduate School Editorial Projects Director
US Denver Post Digital Strategist
US OpenNews Director of Programs
US Nieman Foundation Engagement Editor
US NYT Opinion Graphics Editor
US Seattle Times News Apps Dev
US Simons Foundation Data Reporter
US Urban Institute Data Viz Developer

Other opportunities:

Deadline Fund
July 15 Digital Integrity Fellowship Program
July 15 Nominate work for the Free Press Awards
July 21 LEDE Fellowship
July 22 Google News Initiative Innovation Challenge
July 30 Freedom of Expression Awards Fellowship
August 1 Nominate work for the AAAS Science Journalism Awards
August 31 Grant for UAV drone data innovations
September 8 Brazilian Data Journalism Award
September 23 FIJ grant to cover US-focused watchdog stories
September 27 Apply to be a Knight Visiting Nieman Fellow
Rolling Solutions Journalism Netwhttps://sjawards.aaas.org/ork Freelance Fund
Rolling Ukraine Media Development Fund
Rolling Contest fees for submitting solutions stories
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