Relief funds for local news orgs

Apr 19, 2020

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Hello, hacks and hackers! The Google News Initiative (GNI) created a Global Journalism Emergency Relief Fund to financially assist local news organizations that are struggling to stay afloat while covering COVID-19 in their communities.

Publishers from anywhere in the world can apply for funding by April 29, and you can find informational videos about the fund in several different languages on GNI’s YouTube channel.

The week ahead:

Worth a read:

  • A collaborative fact-checking project called the Latam Chequea Coronavirus project is bringing 28 fact-checking organizations from Latin America together to help journalists cover COVID-19 (Knight Center)
  • Google released anonymized, aggregated insights on how communities around the world are moving during the pandemic through its Community Mobility Reports, and you can download reports by country or state (Google)
  • With flooding and hurricane season coming, ProPublica looked at how prepared the U.S. is to handle natural disasters on top of COVID-19 (ProPublica)

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