SRCCON goes online this week

Jul 5, 2020

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Greetings, hacks and hackers! SRCCON is going online for the first time ever later this week.

You can apply for an invite online or follow along at #SRCCON.

Worth a read:

  • Some of the most shared COVID-19-related misinformation across Europe include cures/remedies and 5G conspiracy theories. Read about this study and other recent fake news news (Nieman Lab)
  • Objectivity, or remaining neutral, is often heralded as a principle of journalism, but it can often shut out minority voices and experiences in journalism (The Objective)
  • An economics professor collected traffic data from cities across the U.S. since stay-at-home orders were issued. He visualized the drop in vehicle collisions with Tableau and wrote a walk through on how to replicate it (Tomas Dvorak)

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