Tune in for data in Nigeria and viz in Venice

Sep 20, 2020

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It’s been a packed month, hacks and hackers! The Buenos Aires Media Party has wrapped up, and you can watch the keynotes on HHBA’s channel.

If you want more, there are online talks this week from Hacks/Hackers Venice, Hacks/Hackers Nigeria, and the Society for News Design.

The week ahead:

Worth a read:

  • Sometimes simpler is better when it comes to data visualizations, but sometimes adding a little creative innovation can get the message across more efficiently
  • Knight Foundation’s webinar series has an episode this week about hope and optimism for the next generation of journalists while dealing with disinformation campaigns and declining media trust
  • The #gijnElectionWatchdog initiative was created to help arm reporters with daily new tools to help cover the US election in the face of disinformation, voter suppression, abuse of state power and organized violence


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