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Oct 18, 2020

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Welcome, hacks and hackers! ONA is dedicating $200,000 to this year’s Challenge Fund for Innovation in Journalism Education.

Applications are open through the 28th. And don’t forget that Hacks/Hackers lists grants and opportunities in this newsletter every week, listed below.

The week ahead:

Worth a read:

  • Public Media Stack, an org advocating for ethical technology use in public media, is hosting webinars to explain their mission and their 2020 report
  • A Brazilian researcher developed an analytical model connecting journalists' working conditions and product quality. Her survey found around 20 percent of journalists were working in conditions that were at least “satisfactory.”
  • Technological advances in the newest iPhone, like 5G, AR and 3D, may hasten news development’s advancement

Job postings:

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Other opportunities:

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