Conferences move online for 2021

Nov 15, 2020

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The year is almost over, hacks and hackers! NICAR, MozFest, and the Computation + Journalism Symposium have all announced they will be virtual next year.

MozFest is soliciting session proposals until November 24th, and NICAR until December 6th. If you’ve never been to these conferences before, 2021 is your year to get involved!

The week ahead:

Worth a read:

  • With its wealth of data, Facebook’s engineering team was having a hard time finding specific datasets, so they built an in-house data discovery engine called Nemo that they wrote about in this blogpost
  • Election polls showed Biden winning by a much larger margin than he did in the US presidential election, as well as predicting a Clinton win in 2016. This makes analysts wonder, do polls retain any value without reliability?
  • A study published in New Media & Society examined how audiences perceive journalists compared to social media influencers, and found that audiences believe both have their autonomy compromised by the desire for profit from sponsors or advertisers

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