Data journalists prepare for election season

Nov 1, 2020

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It’s time, hacks and hackers! It’s election season not just in the US, but many regions of the world including India, Taiwan, Zimbabwe and the Philippines.

In response, many journalism orgs are sharing resources like Polling fundamentals and concepts, Election 2020 toolbox, and even a Stress management program for journalists.

Worth a read:

  • Election day for the US is this week, but with the influx of mail-in votes, it will probably take longer than a day to tally the votes. The data viz tool Observable put together a visual explanation of how to extrapolate what the trailing candidate would need to win.
  • Speaking of estimates, two data scientists explained what estimators are from a statistics perspective. They also go over what trade-offs the user makes as they choose their estimation method.
  • GIJN shared some digital anonymization techniques one can use to protect privacy and prevent re-identification when utilizing a dataset that includes personal information

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