Hacks/Hackers Toronto Meetup on March 29 at Radiolaria

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Join Hacks/Hackers Toronto on March 29th for an evening of presentations, demos and chatter on the topic of online communities and journalism. We have three terrific talks planned, and we have an exciting new space to host the event and foster conversation afterwards. Craig SilvermanIvor TossellKim FoxMason WrightPhillip Smith are hosting.

Time: 7 p.m. March 28.

Place: Radiolaria 1166 Dundas St West Toronto, ON

Itinerary: First, Kim Fox of CBC News online and Jennifer MacMillan of The Globe and Mail will talk about different approaches to story comments — why we open stories to comments, when to allow them and factors to consider. Second, James Walker and Paul Osman will demo Salmon, an open, decentralized protocol meant to encourage commentary that is connected to original content without breaking it off into silos. (for more info: http://www.salmon-pro…


Finally, we will hear from Mike Miner of TVO’s The Agenda. The current affairs program has been crowd sourcing story ideas through its “Your Agenda” page, and integrates audience engagement in their journalism through “AgendaCamp,” a travelling citizen engagement project fresh off a stop in Hamilton. Mike will talk about how stories develop with

reader input. (for more info: http://www.tvo.org/cf…


Presenter bios:

  • James Walker (http://walkah.net/) is a hacker, speaker, author and dedicated steward of Open Web standards.
  • Paul Osman is a Senior Web Developer at Mozilla where he works on open source social web applications

See you guys there.

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