London, Brisbane, and a delayed C plus J

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Happy Valentine’s Day, hacks and hackers! London, UK, and Brisbane, Australia, both have events coming up this week. Talia Stroud, Hazel Sheffield, Amanda Lotz and others will be featured speakers.

In addition, the Computation + Journalism Symposium, delayed from last year, is happening on Thursday.

Happening this week:

Worth a read:

  • We’ve been covering COVID-19 for over a year now and have witnessed the power that data visualization can hold with tracking dashboards and the flatten-the-curve graphic. Here’s a look at other data viz lessons learned.
  • Here’s a data idea: tracking the movement of ships is easy when their tracking equipment is turned on, but when rogue vessels operate with their trackers turned off, they can only be tracked with satellite technology.
  • Today’s kids and teenagers are growing up seeing far more charts and graphs than we did, so it’s important to make sure they know how to understand them.

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