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It’s back, hacks and hackers! The International Symposium on Online Journalism is happening online for the second time in its 22-year history. Registration is free and open now.

Also, a short correction: last week we shared H/H London’s upcoming April meetup. It is actually this week, so you still have time to tune in!

The week ahead:

  • London is talking about writing books and understanding audiences

Worth a read:

  • If you hoped Blockchain had left the news cycle, your hopes have not come to fruition. NFTs are popping up more and more online, and The Verge has the explainer.
  • With data being generated more and more frequently, and on a larger scale every year, some scientists have started emphasizing data-driven storytelling, a method that has been popular in journalism for years.
  • The Guardian, which has been a financial success story in many ways, is leaning more and more on philanthropic funding sources.

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