A lunchtime lecture with HH London

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Hello, hacks and hackers! This Friday, H/H LDN will be holding their first Ted Talk-style virtual lunch meetup.

It is lunchtime in the UK, but open for anyone to join, and the first topic will be local journalism.

Happening this week:

Worth a read:

  • Since sites are always changing on the internet, it’s advantageous to be an expert at the Wayback Machine. This GIJN tipsheet gives guidance on how best to utilize it for investigative journalism.
  • Most data journalists know basic statistical concepts, like correlations and distributions. But if you want to use more advanced statistics concepts in your analyses, here are three Python packages that can help you learn.
  • Can you tell if a news site is fake based on design alone? This article from the Columbia Journalism Review looks at what kinds of aesthetics correspond with conspiracy.

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