Fellowships for the GIJC

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The Global Investigative Journalism Conference isn’t until November, but GIJN is offering scholarships for journalists in developing and transitioning countries.

If you are in another country, regular registration will open soon. The event will take place online from November 1st to 5th.

Worth a read:

  • Asking sources for responses as you wrap up an investigation can be daunting, especially when dealing with dangerous subjects, so GIJN asked experts for tips on how to best reach out.
  • Towards Data Science wrote a guide on how to train a Natural Language Processor to be able to properly connect words with similar meanings in an algorithmic way.
  • News organizations around the world got a crash course in covering a global crisis with COVID-19, and it’s good training for covering the climate crisis as heatwaves, floods, storms and more ravage the globe.


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