New research on local news and curation algorithms

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We have news, hacks and hackers! Earlier this year, H/H helped organize a series of conversations on the surfacing of local news, with the Credibility Coalition and the Nieman Foundation at Harvard. The discussion included journalists from a variety of outlets, most of them local news, and representatives of several major tech platforms.

You can read about the results in “An Introduction to Schemas for Journalists,” written by Hacks/Hackers' Samantha Sunne, and “Bridging the Divide Between Local News and Online Platforms” by Michael Blanding. Both papers are available for download on the Credibility Coalition website.

Worth a read:

  • Video calls tax your brain more than in-person conversations, leading to a special kind of tiredness. But Vox’s Recode says “Zoom fatigue” is here to stay.
  • A new paper in Nieman Reports focuses on the increasing pressures on independent media in Russia. New legislation, social media, Covid misinformation and other factors are forcing some independent outlets to close down.
  • Olympics coverage at the Washington Post and New York Times top the list of of GIJN Top 10 this week.


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