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The Associated Press is launching a two-year AI in Local News program to explore the application of AI technologies by local news outlets across the US.

If you work in a local newsroom of any size, fill out their form here so they can better understand how familiar your newsroom is with AI and automation technologies and what needs your newsroom may have for them.

Worth a read:

  • This blogpost from Timescale explains the difference between percentiles and averages, and how percentile approximation works and why it’s more useful than averages for large time-series datasets.
  • The Wall Street Journal published a series of articles called The Facebook Files, investigating a series of internal company documents detailing how much the company knows about the negative mental health effects its products have on young women.
  • Nightingale published a guide to creating data visualizations that take cognitive load into account based on 12 spectrums of measurement, like measuring delivery on a scale of explanatory to exploratory.


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