A new journalism conference focused on care

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Hello, hacks and hackers! OpenNews has announced a new online-only conference for December: SRCCON:CARE.

You can sign up for news on SRCCON:CARE, OpenNews’s flagship conference SRCCON, and other updates on OpenNews’s newsletter.

Worth a read:

  • Apple’s subscription features made it easy for a user to subscribe to a news outlet with just one click. But until now, the feature was controversial for taking a full 30% of the related revenue.
  • The Lenfest Institute, a journalism innovation nonprofit, has been working on several ongoing projects related to improving diversity and sustainability in journalism. The group recently released an explainer on the metrics it uses to track its success in improving these sometimes fuzzy concepts.
  • A substantial chunk of the news read by US news consumers comes from journalism students, a new report by the University of Vermont found. The university recently received a grant to catalog partnerships between schools and professional newsrooms.

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