Hacks/Hackers is hiring a partnerships coordinator

May 9, 2023

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Hacks/Hackers is hiring! We’re looking for a Partnerships Coordinator for the Analysis and Response for Trust Tool.

The ARTT Project is a National Science Foundation Convergence Accelerator grant winner, and the new role will help manage relationships among the ARTT team as well as partners and stakeholders. Applications are open now and the start date is planned for mid-June.

Worth a read:

  • “Generative” AI, the tools that write text, are creating a lot of media buzz, but there are many (many) more potential uses for the technology. IJNet wrote a list of helpful non-generative tools including tagging and text-to-speech functions.
  • On another side of the AI frontier, the US Federal Trade Commission, which regulates advertising, published a blog post outlining some steps in how the agency might end up regulating AI. “Any generative AI output should distinguish clearly between what is organic and what is paid.”
  • LinkedIn, which recently received many journalists fleeing Twitter, has given up on the Chinese job market market. It recently ended its standalone mobile app, and earlier closed its China service, citing tough compliance requirements and very difficult competition.


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