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The famous Buenos Aires Media Party is happening next week! This year, the conference’s main focus will be AI, with a concentration in three key areas: ethics, security, and privacy. The three pillars of the conference are Product, Audience and Monetization.

Over 2,000 people attend the largest Hacks/Hackers gathering. It takes place from October 5-7 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and registration is free!

Worth a Read:

  • Apple Podcasts recently announced a design overhaul, what may be part of a larger trend of monetizing podcasts. Paywalls, paid subscriptions and premium audio options may become more common.
  • This writeup from Nieman Lab asserts that understanding AI is becoming crucial for media leaders, so that they can make legal decisions and leverage it for reporting and audience engagement.
  • The Data Visualization Society‚Äôs Information is Beautiful Awards announced their shortlist with 80+ entries and will announce the winning entries on November 4, right after their Day of Inspiration mini-conference featuring talks from the finalists and industry leaders.


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