New tools and techniques for DEI in data journalism

Oct 10, 2023

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This week, the European Journalism Centre is hosting a News Impact Summit on climate journalism. The in-person conference in Lisbon will also announce the winner of the Climate Journalism Award.

Also, this weekend Investigative Reporters and Editors is hosting AccessFest, an online conference on belonging, equity, and inclusion in newsrooms. AccessFest is entirely online and includes sessions on dataviz, data analysis and online tools.

Worth a Read:

  • Burnt Toast creator Virginia Sole-Smith talked to Inbox Collective about how she built a product that now brings in a six-figure income. She addresses how she strategically uses reader surveys, Instagram, and paywalls to grow her subscriber count from zero.
  • News Detective, a crowd-sourced fact-checking platform, empowers users to fact-check and discuss content, promoting media literacy and transparency. The platform’s evidence-based approach, including a successful pilot program, shows promise in addressing the misinformation challenge.
  • Attendees at the Buenos Aires Media Party collaborated to put together a Manifesto on the state of the industry and where it’s heading. Two-thirds of respondents said AI and Virtual Reality should be addressed at future innovation conferences, along with misinformation and sustainability.


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