Projects and Partners

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Local Groups

Hacks/Hackers is comprised of more than 100 groups around the world, all of them pushing journalism and technology forward. Many groups organize in-person and virtual meetups with speakers, workshops with skills training, networking get togethers and more. The largest of these is the annual Buenos Aires Media Party, which has drawn thousands of news nerds over its 10 years of existence. Find out more about the group closest to you on our directory. Our weekly newsletter shares updates on the Hacks/Hackers community as well as news, events, job posts and opportunities related to journalism and technology. We host a monthly global open cal for organizers and members to share what’s going on at their chapters and discuss the future of the H/H network.

Analysis and Response Toolkit for Trust (ARTT)

The ARTT project is a collaborative project led by H/H together with the University of Washington’s Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering. The team is creating a framework of potential responses for daily conversations around sensitive topics, like vaccines, informed by online information analysis. The project currently in Phase II of the Convergence Accelerator after a $5 million grant from the National Science Foundation. You can read more about ARTT, including project progress and principal investigators, on the UWCSE site.


MisinfoCon is a global movement focused on building solutions to online trust, verification, fact checking and reader experience in addressing misinformation in all of its forms. It frequently facilitates events around the world and writes about misinformation related news. Follow MisinfoCon on Twitter at @MisinfoCon. We have a biweekly newsletter notifying the community of upcoming events, in addition to academic studies on misinformation, as well as events, jobs and funding opportunities.

The Conference for Truth and Trust Online (TTO)

H/H supports the annual Conference for Truth and Trust Online (TTO), which brings practitioners, technologists, academics and platforms together to share, discuss and collaborate on useful technical innovations and research on online credibility. You can follow TTO on Twitter and read more on the conference website.


The WikiCredibility Grants Initiative (WikiCred) is a collaboration between H/H and Wikimedia, offering support for the development of tools, projects or initiatives that strengthen credibility and reliability of information in Wikimedia projects. WikiCred grants award multiple projects with up to $10,000 of funding, and you can find successful projects on the MisinfoCon site.