ONA happening this week

Hello, hacks and hackers! The Online News Association (ONA) is having their annual conference this week from Sept. 21-24 in Los Angeles! twttr.widgets.createTweet( '1568239065895682054', document.getElementById('tweet-container-1568239065895682054'), ); Even if you’re not attending, you can participate in resources like their Resume Drop, which puts up your resume in front of recruiters attending the conference. Follow #OJA22 for updates. Worth a read: Public Health Review Morning Edition, a daily podcast covering public health, interviewed Connie Moon Sehat, one of the principal investigators on the ARTT Project, a joint effort by Hacks/Hackers and the University of Washington.

Get involved with Truth and Trust Online

Hello, hacks and hackers! The Conference for Truth and Trust Online recently announced its list of sessions, and it features three days of both online and offline workshops, panels and presentations on credibility. twttr.widgets.createTweet( '1562869677977505792', document.getElementById('tweet-container-1562869677977505792'), ); The conference is open for registration and offers discounts for students, instructors, nonprofits and early bird attendees. They are also offering fee waivers for certain applicants. Worth a read: A government official in Las Vegas was arrested and charged for the murder of Jeff German, a reporter at The Las Vegas Review-Journal, who had been investigating internal disputes in the official’s office.

Hacks/Hackers hiring for three grant positions

We have some news, hacks and hackers! Hacks/Hackers is hiring for three positions: Two positions for the Analysis and Response Toolkit for Trust (ARTT) Project and one position for the NewsQ Project. twttr.widgets.createTweet( '1562131554616217600', document.getElementById('tweet-container-1562131554616217600'), ); These are grant-funded projects focused on credibility and communications on complex topics, like vaccine efficacy and the news. You can find more info here and reach out to with any questions!

The Media Party is on!

It’s Media Party time, hacks and hackers! The biggest live Hacks/Hackers event is back in person for its 10th edition. Sessions are happening in both English and Spanish. twttr.widgets.createTweet( '1561030735355576320', document.getElementById('tweet-container-1561030735355576320'), ); If you aren’t in Buenos Aires this week, you can follow along at #MediaParty or @HacksHackersBA. Happening this week: Nigeria is designing with Canva Worth a read: If you need a brush-up on statistics terms, GIJN wrote about four things data journalists should know about standard deviation.

The Media Party is happening next week!

It’s time, hacks and hackers! The Buenos Aires Media Party is coming up next week, from August 25-27 at the Ciudad Cultural Konex. twttr.widgets.createTweet( '1558215014204465158', document.getElementById('tweet-container-1558215014204465158'), ); The conference will have speakers and events focused on topics like audience development, product, monetization, disinformation, AI and more! Worth a read: The Pulitzer Center recently had an environmental investigative conference where reporters and designers showcased ways to add data and visuals to environmental stories.

New tools and grants for DocumentCloud

Hello, hacks and hackers! If you’re a fan of DocumentCloud, MuckRock recently released a slate of new tools that bolster the popular service. twttr.widgets.createTweet( '1547297322610171907', document.getElementById('tweet-container-1547297322610171907'), ); The add-ons can be used immediately in the DocumentCloud site. You can also customize and create new ones in Github, and apply for Gateway Grants for new projects. Worth a read: Adding qualitative context to describe data aids in reader comprehension, especially when reporting on topics like economics, health, science and politics, so the stories don’t become “number soup.

A new journalism conference focused on care

Hello, hacks and hackers! OpenNews has announced a new online-only conference for December: SRCCON:CARE. twttr.widgets.createTweet( '1550153882898255873', document.getElementById('tweet-container-1550153882898255873'), ); You can sign up for news on SRCCON:CARE, OpenNews’s flagship conference SRCCON, and other updates on OpenNews’s newsletter. Worth a read: Apple’s subscription features made it easy for a user to subscribe to a news outlet with just one click. But until now, the feature was controversial for taking a full 30% of the related revenue.

TikTok for news

Hello, hacks and hackers! This week we have tips on map visualizations and news on TikTok innovations. twttr.widgets.createTweet( '1551116853451407360', document.getElementById('tweet-container-1551116853451407360'), ); Worth a read: The Guardian wrote about how journalism organizations can benefit from utilizing TikTok to present news in a way that reaches younger audiences. Since the US government is involved with nearly every country in the world in some way, GIJN wrote a guide on investigating US involvement in other countries through laws, sanctions, finances, immigration and more.

Answer the news nerd survey

Hello, hacks and hackers! This year’s OpenNews Survey, previously called the News Nerd Census, is now open for journalists who work with technology to fill out. twttr.widgets.createTweet( '1547884049363976192', document.getElementById('tweet-container-1547884049363976192'), ); It takes about 15 minutes and asks about you, your work, your experience with OpenNews and priorities for the future. It’s an important way to help your fellow news and tech enthusiasts improve diversity and inclusion in journalism and tech!

Media Party registration open

Hello, hacks and hackers! Registration for this year’s Media Party is open! The party is happening from August 25-27 in Buenos Aires. twttr.widgets.createTweet( '1544386347967848448', document.getElementById('tweet-container-1544386347967848448'), ); The call for workshops and lightning talks closed on July 8, but you can still mark your calendars for in-person participation. Happening this week: Nigeria is making journalism more tech-centric Worth a read: City Bureau, a Chicago-based news org, received $10 million from the Stronger Democracy Award to expand its Documenters Network program across the country.