Happy SRCCON week

Hello, hacks and hackers! One of the premiere news nerd events is happening this week: SRCCON online. twttr.widgets.createTweet( '1537911753580740609', document.getElementById('tweet-container-1537911753580740609'), ); You can find the schedule on the SRCCON website and you can still fill out the call for participation. Worth a read: Anew paper by Hacks/Hackers Researcher-at-Large andNewsQ Initiative Director Connie Moon Sehat discusses how the effort to prioritize news content according to journalistic values belongs to a larger question regarding the role of expertise within democratic societies.

Hacks/Hackers joins the Partnership on AI

We have news, hacks and hackers! H/H has joined the Partnership on AI, a non-profit partnership of over 100 academic, civil society, industry and media organizations across five continents working to use AI and machine learning responsibly. twttr.widgets.createTweet( '1524433993051119616', document.getElementById('tweet-container-1524433993051119616'), ); You can read more about the PAI in the partnership announcement. Happening this week: Nigeria is making maps in QGIS Worth a read: The AP released the 56th edition of The Associated Press Stylebook and Briefing on Media Law, which includes more than 300 new or revised entries and a chapter on inclusive storytelling.

The Hacks Hackers Media Party is back on!

Great news, hacks and hackers! The Buenos Aires Media Party is back in person for its 10th edition! twttr.widgets.createTweet( '1525147900963082240', document.getElementById('tweet-container-1525147900963082240'), ); The beloved media gathering will take place August 25-27 in Argentina, and applications are open for travel support. Worth a read: This data viz designer charted out how much time he spent on each component in a variety of data viz projects over 1,550 hours from October 2020 thru February 2022 to be able to give better estimates to clients on how long projects might take.

Apply to get AI tools in your newsroom

Applications for the Associated Press Local News AI Initiative are open now through June 17! twttr.widgets.createTweet( '1529948954573410304', document.getElementById('tweet-container-1529948954573410304'), ); Newsrooms can submit project ideas that use automation or AI to address the needs of its news operation, and the AP will work with the newsroom, developers and vendors to implement the project over a year. Worth a read: Telling stories with data is one of the key roles of data journalists, and this article explains from a more elementary perspective how to incorporate art, math and science into a data-fueled storytelling experience.

SRCCON sessions announced

Hello, hacks and hackers! SRCCON is happening online from June 22-24 and just released their list of accepted proposals. twttr.widgets.createTweet( '1527700177607348233', document.getElementById('tweet-container-1527700177607348233'), ); The sessions include news nerd freelancing, having difficult conversations in the newsroom, making news sites more accessible and more! Happening this week: Nigeria is learning about Geographic Information Systems Uganda is exploring tools for data gathering Kenya is utilizing statistics in reporting Worth a read:

MisinfoCon will be at DefCon

For the first time, Hacks/Hackers' partner organization MisinfoCon will be at the hacker conference DefCon! twttr.widgets.createTweet( '1525518061922529285', document.getElementById('tweet-container-1525518061922529285'), ); DefCon will take place from August 11-14 at Caesar’s Forum in Las Vegas. Hotels fill up early, so if you’re thinking of attending, consider booking ahead. Worth a read: GIJN wrote a tip guide on how to investigate cryptocurrencies, including a glossary of terms, resources for tracking big transactions and how to follow the blockchain money trail.

Status of world press freedom

Reporters Without Borders published its 20th annual World Press Freedom Index, which assesses the state of journalism around the world. twttr.widgets.createTweet( '1521379119891636224', document.getElementById('tweet-container-1521379119891636224'), ); The number of countries with “good” press freedom rankings dropped from 12 to eight this year. Worth a read: The Lenfest Institute published its 2021 Impact Report, which outlines the work it’s done over the past year to strengthen local news in Philadelphia and around the US.

Exploring journalism in the metaverse

Greetings, hacks and hackers! The Center for Collaborative Investigative Journalism is hosting an online event to explore a metaverse installation for its investigation with HumAngle Media on the escalating farmer-herder crisis in Nigeria. twttr.widgets.createTweet( '1519757727609737216', document.getElementById('tweet-container-1519757727609737216'), ); The event will be on Friday, May 6, and you can register to attend for free here. Worth a read: In 2019, Canada introduced a tax credit to reimburse taxpayers for 15% of the cost of their digital news subscriptions, and over 300,000 Canadians used the credit in 2020.

A new data tool in Kenya

Greetings, hacks and hackers! Code for Africa just launched their new data tool PesaYetu. twttr.widgets.createTweet( '1516743843781267458', document.getElementById('tweet-container-1516743843781267458'), ); PesaYetu helps journalists, researchers and activists in Kenya obtain county-level datasets and visualizations. Happening this week: Nigeria is learning advanced data analysis Worth a read: Nieman Lab’s monthly journalism research newsletter highlighted a study that looked at how journalists covered the 2016 U.S. presidential election on Twitter compared to their articles and found that journalists were likely to use more cognitive biases in tweets.

Start using AI with the AP

Greetings, hacks and hackers! The AP’s weekly Local News AI Readiness Workshops have started, and will continue for the next several weeks. twttr.widgets.createTweet( '1514255488837459969', document.getElementById('tweet-container-1514255488837459969'), ); Registration is still open for live panels, demos and how to videos on various Artificial Intelligence tools and topics. Worth a read: Over 71 digital media sites in the Latin American region have contributed to the publication of about 800 news stories in the past six months using the Google Web Stories format.