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So you’re organzing a local Hacks/Hackers group. Thank you! Here’s how to add or update the information about your group that appears on this site.

Note: These instructions refer to adding/editing group info. To edit a blog post or aother non-group page, check out this doc.

The basics

In the /data/groups directory, each group has a YAML file with metadata that we use to generate a map pin and a listing on the Groups page. Here’s a full annotated example.

To add or edit your group’s basic data, create or update a my-city.yml file using GitHub’s text editor (or edit locally on your machine) and make a pull request using the process described here.

Adding a group page

By default, your group will link to whatever you specify as the externalUrl in the YAML file. But you can also make a group page on hackshackers.com for news, photos, videos, etc.

Simply create a file similar to content/groups/example-group.md and make sure that your group’s YAML file includes the groupPage element. Then create a pull request for your page to go live.

The group page works like a scratch pad and you can update it at any time with a pull request.