Looking forward to news nerd events of 2021

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Happy Sunday, hacks and hackers! Now that we are fully in to 2021, we are looking ahead to events like NICAR, MozFest and the Computation + Journalism Symposium.

So far, all events have been scheduled online. If you know of any events your fellow hacks and hackers would appreciate, please let us know.

Worth a read:

  • The charts, graphs and other ways of quantifying grief may lead to a lack of connection to what those numbers represent, so visualizing the impact of the pandemic in an empathetic way could help us from becoming too disconnected.
  • GIJN asked investigative editors from around the world about the topics they’ll be focusing on this year, including the ongoing threat to democracy, growing inequality and increases in surveillance.
  • The enduring allure of conspiracy theories is so strong that psychologists say that it’s near impossible for people who believe in them to stop. Some organizations are pivoting to try to prevent them from ever spreading.

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