New events for the end of the year

Nov 7, 2023

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The end of 2023 is coming, and lots of events are getting scheduled for 2024! WikiConference North America is happening this week in Toronto, and the AIJC’s annual gathering takes place later this month.

Keep an eye on this newsletter for more events as they get added in the new year! Some community favorites like NICAR, IJF and Dataharvest have been announced for the coming months.

Worth a Read:

  • The Institute for Nonprofit News released a report on diversity in the nonprofit news sector and found that the racial and ethnic composition of staff at nonprofit news organizations is largely similar to the US population. However, more than two-thirds of nonprofit outlets are white-led.
  • Communities can provide valuable information, resources and support for investigative journalism. GIJN highlighted four examples of successful community-driven journalism projects from Quinto Elemento Lab, Malaysiakini, The Bristol Cable and Correctiv’s CrowdNewsroom.
  • A political science professor wrote in Nieman Lab about how the media industry is facing a slump with news consumption decreasing and job losses abounding. They say it’s due to subsiding political anxiety, reduced interest among winning party supporters and fewer attacks on the media by politicians.


Upcoming Events:

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