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MisinfoCon is a global movement focused on building solutions to online trust, verification, fact-checking, and reader experience in the interest of addressing misinformation in all of its forms.


It started as a large gathering at MIT in February 2017. That gathering brought together ambassadors from technology platforms, news organizations, as well as experts in social science, media literacy, policy, advocacy, cybersecurity and more. It was a summit, and also a “Creative Studio.” There were talks by people leading initiatives to fight misinformation, discussions bringing together key themes and challenges, and town hall-style conversations that brought the big picture into focus. And there were also demos of tools being developed to help journalists, newsrooms, and readers make better sense of the information around them.

The second in-person gathering was MisinfoCon at MozFest, Mozilla’s open web festival, in London, in October 2017. The event focused on three areas critical to the fight against misinformation: literacy and critical thinking, data and metrics, and global responses to misinformation.

Since then, we’ve had more gatherings at Mozfest in London (2018, 2019) in Washington, D.C (2018, 2020).; Kyiv, Ukraine (2018); and a return to MozFest in London. We also co-sponsored CredCon, the first credibility hackathon, in Austin, Texas, and WikiConference North America in 2019 dubbed WikiCredCon.

Members of the community in Scotland and Cambridge held their own MisinfoConX and CredConX, local versions of the larger summits. MisinfoCon always wants to hear from community members about ideas for new events.


We host essays, blog posts, and updates on the MisinfoCon website, and you can follow us on Medium.


Join the MisinfoCon mailing list for regular updates on the MisinfoCon community. For realtime updates, we have a Slack & Twitter. For Slack, you’ll need an invitation - to get one, just shoot an email to misinfocon at gmail dot com.